Party Change Deadline

Deadlines for registration and party changes for April 28, 2020 Presidential Primary

The deadline for registered voters enrolled in a party to transfer enrollment from one party to another for voting in their “new” party’s presidential primary is January 28, 2020.  

New voters and already registered unaffiliated voters wishing to enroll in a party may do so in person, on-line or by mail, with the following deadlines:

 in person at the town hall until 12 noon on April 27, 2020.

For new voters registering by mail or on-line,  the application must be postmarked (mail) or completed by 11:59pm (on-line) by April 23, 2020

For unaffiliated voters, already registered and wishing to enroll in a party by mail or on-line , the application must be received (not merely postmarked) by April 23, 2020.